Thursday, June 15, 2017

Very first entry

Welcome my first entry of this blog! I just started using Blogger few minutes ago~

I regularly write in Japanese on my Twitter (@pnkkwz) and Ameblo but I was finding somewhere to post my stuff in English too.

As my profile, I came back doing cosplay again. I left my costume in my wardrobe for almost 3 years after I engaged the entrance exam for my uni.  You know, university life, it's quite hard for me to manage time for studying and playing. Just for the first year. XD

How about second year which just passed? Yeah, I was too busy with Japanese lessons. But, I'd already planned to continue my cosplay work since then.

Finally, I can bring my free time back. Now I'm on Summer Holidays for 2 months long.

I've taken photoshoot for 2 costume already ^-^ yeah~

First one, it's Gilles De Rais from Makai Ouji (Devils and Realists)

And, Kujou Takemasa from Kiryu (Amaterasu version)

I set up my bedroom into the home studio for photoshooting ^^

Here is my cosmetic usage.

- Fake eyelid stickers L size
- KMA cosmetics Perfect Face Essence Foundation, N1 -for highlighting
- L'OREAL Paris INFALLIBLE 24H, 115 Nude Beige
- KMA cosmetics Luminous Pearl loose power
- KMA cosmetics Brilliant Powder Cake, C1
- KMA cosmetics Perfect Face Cake powder, N1 -for highlighting
- MAYBELLINE the Rock Nudes palette eyeshadow
- SIVANNA COLORS brush&highlight palette, No.3
- MAYBELLINE Color Tatto 24H, blue -for painting Gilles's face

I will try to do a make up tutorial in the next post!

Any comment or things you want me to share, just comment below!

I'm glad to hearing your opinion

Thank you for visiting my very first entry.